Eric Ward, MA
Resident Marriage & Family Therapists

Eric works with individuals as well as couples and families.  


Eric helps people understand and improve their situation from a solution-focused, strength-based and systems perspective. With heightened awareness, Eric empowers clients to address depression, anxiety, trauma, stress, marriage and family concerns, and parenting challenges.


Eric has a particular passion for families. He enjoys working with entire families as well as couples who are trying to improve their relationship for the betterment of their family. Eric aims to assist clients in identifying current verbal and physical behaviors within their relationships. Patterns are hard to change when consequences remain unseen or unchallenged. Eric relies upon advanced education, personal experience, and a calm strength to help establish healthy interactions.

Eric believes relationships are delicate, nuanced, and ever-evolving with each stage of life. The couple you are with a new baby and responsibilities is not the couple you were when you first met. The spouse you are with your current spouse is not the same as who you were with your ex. Families are continually faced with new challenges from job change, financial stress, health issues, and the ever-evolving stages of child development from toddlers to teen.


Eric is trained and experienced in unique family challenges such as mental health, domestic violence, substance use, defiant children, and multicultural issues. He is knowledgeable in supporting “blended blended” families where families from diverse cultures combine. Eric has hands on experience as a husband, father, and stepfather. Eric has learned what it takes to make families work!


As an Air Force veteran, Eric personally understands the unique difficulties members and their families may encounter facing life’s challenges within the military culture and its demands.  He is able to confidentially guide military families and individuals through problems with forethought and understanding.


Eric is committed to providing a welcoming, empathetic, and safe environment conducive to the actualization of client-set goals toward living a happier, healthier life.


Contact Eric today.  He is here to help.