Beth Blumer, LPC
Licensed Professional Counselor

Beth works with couples and individuals who are experiencing difficulties from family dysfunction issues, both past and present.  Beth is warm and compassionate.  Her experience includes working with clients who are seeking insight and resolution of life issues related to: grief and loss; unhealthy relationships; recovery from all types of abuse; adult children of alcoholics; gay and lesbian issues; and personality disordered parents.


Beth has an eclectic approach to therapy.  She utilizes psychodynamic, humanistic and cognitive-behavioral techniques to best meet her client’s needs relating to processing the issues that they seek to resolve through counseling.  During her career Beth worked at both Hospices and Family Crisis Centers.


In addition to her degree and her experience, Beth has received professional trainings with Harville Hendrix, John Gottman and Sue Johnson.  These three individuals are considered to be world leaders in changing lives and relationships for the better.  Beth feels fortunate that she has had the opportunity to learn techniques from the best relationship experts of our time to better serve the needs of her clients.

Beth provides insights and understanding into the reality that although pain in life is unavoidable, suffering is optional.  She believes that by committing to change, people who are seeking help can get to where they want to be.  She partners with her clients on that journey and guides them toward achieving their goals.