Amanda Deverich, LMFT
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
Clinical Supervisor

Amanda works with couples and individuals as well as families of all shapes and sizes.  She is open and affirming. Research shows that the critical factor in successful therapy is the relationship between you and your therapist.  Amanda focuses on gaining insight to your experience and your perspective without judgment and with a genuine desire to help. In her office you will receive professional support, feedback, and encouragement in resolving life's challenges.

Relationship and couples counseling is a particular strength.  Amanda has learned to help one person make a difference in a relationship using a solution focused approach.  Even if your partner will not attend therapy, there are things you can do to make a difference.  Amanda is Level 2 trained with The Gottman Institute.  She is a former Divorce Busting telephone coach and has completed Advanced Divorcebusting training with Michele Weiner-Davis. Amanda applies these techniques in session to help clients resurrect their marriages.

Amanda has counseling experience dealing with depression, divorce, pregnancy loss, chronic illness, grief and loss and the challenges of being a parent (academics, youth aggression and depression, etc...) Amanda is the only certified Calmer, Easier, Happier Parenting practictioner in Virginia.


Amanda believes therapy need not be a drawn out, emotional examination of the past. It can be a forward moving, solution focused effort. Amanda knows people are capable of healing, change, and being their better selves regardless of current or past experiences.  There may be times of tears, anger, or other uncomfortable emotions as you address your concerns.  In these moments of pain and suffering Amanda believes we all need to feel we are not alone and that things can be different. Amanda is there to help.

In addition to a graduate degree and training from The College of William and Mary Family Counseling Program, Amanda was part of the debriefing team for the returned US Air Force prisoners of war during Operation Desert Storm. She has direct experience with military families, deployment and reintegration.  Now widowed, Amanda is raising two daughters on her own.  

Amanda draws upon formal counseling theory and education, on the job training and personal life experience to inform her work with clients.  

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