In 1969, when racial tensions were at a boiling point and black Americans were prevented from swimming alongside whites, Mr. Rogers decided to invite Officer Clemmons to join him and cool his feet in a pool, breaking a well known barrier. 
Today, Williamsburg Counseling is working to continue to breakdown barriers and invites those struggling with mental health issues related to minority discrimination and systemic oppression to contact us for low cost professional help.

Every single one of our therapists has stepped up to provide hopeful, encouraging, confidential, and professional counseling services for $10 per session to those experiencing anxiety, depression, anger, PTSD, or other mental health issue due minority discrimination and systemic oppression.  100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Center for Child and Family Services.


We offer online counseling sessions.

Call 757-903-2406, 


In case you are wondering...

Williamsburg Counseling is keeping our spirits up and practices practical in confronting coronavirus-19. We are joining the nation in supporting our healthcare workers by reducing the spread of the coronavirus.  

Williamsburg Counseling will be offering its services online only until further notice.  We will miss being with you in person, but hope you will find our virtual services to be easy and effective.  Please contact us today to answer any questions and schedule your appointment. 

We hope you will keep yourself mentally and physically safe by setting healthy boundaries on this virus. In addition to the physical steps you can take, create some mental space free of coronavirus-19 discussions to reduce anxiety and increase your emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. Try banning discussions of the topic from your bedroom, dinner table, or between the hours of 9pm and 8am.

Be well. We are here to help.

A confidential and safe place
for adult male survivors of
childhood sexual abuse.

Life's journey can be complicated and challenging. 

Our commitment is to assist you in living a life that reflects your beliefs, values and priorities.

Whatever path you chose, know that healing and change are possible.

We are here to help.

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